InterTribal Sacred Land Trust rattlesnake disk from Moundville, Alabama
The Inter-Tribal Sacred Land Trust, Inc. is a chartered Tennessee
non-profit organization and exempt from federal income tax under 501(a) of
the Internal Revenue Code as an Organization described in Section 501(c)(3).

The Inter-Tribal Sacred Land Trust Inc. is an alliance of grassroots Indigenous people firmly committed to our ancient traditional teachings that all lands are sacred, pledging our dedication through an inter-cultural partnership that some lands are more sacred than others, to fulfilling the moral obligation of the present to the past, by reconnecting ourselves for the future generations.

Goals & Purposes

  1. To protect and preserve all Sacred Lands.

  2. To establish partnerships with all federal, state, and certified local governments concerning the preservation of sacred lands within their respective jurisdictions and to provide guidance for mutual understanding of the preservation needs based upon traditional cultural values of the cultural affiliation to the true indigenous peoples that hold them to be sacred.

  3. To facilitate the direct involvement of traditional authorities to all sacred land use stewardship and management planning.

  4. To develop and maintain a database of all sacred land sites within the states of jurisdiction and deciminate information of, to the indigenous nation most likely to be culturally affiliated.

  5. To assist repatriation efforts of indigenous nations to lands chosen by them for reinternment sites, and by agreement will monitor such sites to insure protection.

  6. To provide for educational programming through an inter-cultural sharing in the diversity of indigenous peoples to the public.

  7. To promote awareness of the indigenous peoples to the many institutions, associations, societies, and others that would develop exhibits, monuments and memorials to honor them without their consent and involvement.

  8. To advocate the interest of the indigenous peoples to private landowners that may possess sacred lands through donation, purchase or by conservation easements and other means necessary for permanent protection consistent with state, federal, and tribal laws.

InterTribal Sacred Land Trust
box 22, Bristow OK 74010
fone 918 892 6478


Corky Allen, President
and founding Director